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Flagone is building the future of digital assets

Business to Blockchain Consulting

Educate individuals and companies to control their financial and creative "footprint" on Web 3.0.

dApp Development

Empowering web users with an easy user-interface to control their digital assets and identity all within their web browsers.

Key Management

Delivering an easy-to-start and secure way of managing private keys.

Smart Contract Development

Helping you move business logic and data into the public blockchain thereby building more trust and transparency to your business.

Crypto Payments

Want a non-custodian way to store/accept crypto on the blockchain? We have an easy solution for you.


Have a revenue idea to implement but needs to raise in the form of cryptocurrencies? Our team will be able to write smart contracts to accept crypto and channel the crypto to the necessary business logic to generate the yield with all contributors' fully accounted on-chain.

Web3 dApp Development

From smart contract development to frontend web design.

Responsive Design
Smart Contract Development
Smart Contract Unit Testing
Hardhat / Truffle JS
NodeJS Backend Development
Testnet Deployment
React Web Development
NextJS Development
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Programming Stack

Our team or coder work in the following programming stacks:

Git Version Control
Hardhat / Truffle Suite
Openzepplin Token Standards
EtherJs / Web3Js
ReactJs / NextJS

Biz to Blockchain Consulting

Do your business is blockchain ready? Consultations are complimentary and available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Asset Tokenization
Choice of Blockchain Network
Choice of Token Standards
Gas Optimizations
Smart Contract Security
dApp Architecture
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About Us

We are Web3 Builders and Enablers. We are adept and highly adaptable to the fast-changing landscape of Web3 technologies. As such, we believe we are in the best position to help individuals and firms start their Web 3 journey.

Our Mission

We believe the next Big-Tech companies will come out from the Fintech landscape powered by Blockchain and Web3 technologies. We see ourselves as enablers to impart and empowers this vision to individuals and companies.

dApp Development Process



Business to Blockchain


Architecture Design

Smart Contract



NextJS, ReactJS

Unit Tests

Optimize and testing on local and test nets


Launch on Mainnet

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