BSC Objectives

Binance smart chain (BSC) is a new blockchain where blocks are verified every 4 seconds with significant lower costs in gas fees. With significant cost savings, smart contracts and dApps run on BSC are much cheaper to operate and maintain. The savings can be passed to the end crypto users.

This crypto fund invests in the BSC ecosystem application tokens / coins that will play a significant roles in the initial development of BSC ecosystem. It will also participate in yield farming strategies to provide liquidity and early growth support in the BSC ecosystem.  The farmed tokens may also be staked or have their rewards stacked multiplied times to generate yields for the crypto investors in this strategy. 

As this is a crypto fund that invest in an emerging blockchain ecosystem currently 10% that of the ethereum blockchain, it is a higher risk activity. 



Crypto Fund Fees

  • 5% Admin Fees (for USD $100,000 and above will be 2%)
  • 3 months locked in period
  • 2% Management Fee Per Annum
  • Profit Sharing 30% / 70% Split  on the Profits Made. (For every $1 dollar worth in BTC profit made , 0.30 goes to company, 0.70 goes to crypto investor )
  • Accept Bitcoin or Ethereum only. (For institutional investors or business funds, can accept fiat currency)


Broad Metrics


Average Weekly Rate of Growth (%) 

Avg = nan

3 Month High ( USDT ): 

Max = 29.59

3 Month Low ( USDT ): 

Min = 4.88

Fund Wallet Address (Eth Only)




Fund Wallet Address (Btc Only)




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USDT Daily Chart (Past 12 months)