CDF Objectives

China dApps Fund (CDF) will hold a portfolio of diversified DeFi Applications targeted for the Chinese markets. 

The success of Binance Smart Chain has validated our beliefs that the crypto community wants cheaper transaction fees and yield farming opportunities made for the average user.

With an authoritative and a highly centralized governement, the Chinese are faced with limited or restricted capital controls. A strong demand for decentralized applications (dApps) is highly necessary and needed to service the chinese markets where these highly sophisticated website cannot be closed or clamp down by any centralized authority. 

Tagging on the success of Binance Smart Chain, Chinese-owned centralized crypto exchanges are rolling out their own blockchain networks. These newly launch blockchain networks are more scaleable than BSC and Ethereum network.

CDF will invests in China dApps tokens that will play a significant role in the initial development of the chinese defi ecosystem. Due to the size and the speculative nature of the Chinese market, CDF is a high risk activity.


Crypto Fees

  • 5% Admin Fees (for USD $100,000 and above will be 2%)
  • 6 months locked in period
  • 2% Management Fee Per Annum
  • Profit Sharing 30% / 70% Split  on the Profits Made. (For every $1 dollar worth in BTC profit made , 0.30 goes to company, 0.70 goes to crypto investor )
  • Accept Bitcoin or Ethereum only. (For institutional investors or business funds, can accept fiat currency)


Broad Metrics


Average Weekly Rate of Growth (%)

Avg = nan

3 Month High ( USDT ): 

Max = 0.28

3 Month Low ( USDT ): 

Min = 0.00

Fund Wallet Address (Eth Only)





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