Crypto Assets for Passive Income Book Launch

by | Dec 15, 2019

Crypto Assets for Passive Income book leverages on the concept of deriving passive income from your cryptocurrency portfolio. In addition to benefiting purely from capital gains, prospective investors should also consider generating a passive income stream from their crypto assets to let their crypto work even harder for them. 

The digital book was launched in 11th April 2019 on the Amazon Kindle store and the physical copy were printed on 8th September 2019. FlagOne is accepting orders for the physical copy on this page.

Don’t Let Any of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Technicalities Intimidate You. 

Hear From What Others Have to Say About this Book.

“Crypto assets are hard assets, but most of the world hasn’t recognized them as such yet.”

Roger Ver
Chief Executive Officer

“Everyone knows how to invest in stocks, but not so many people knows how to use opportunities to invest in crypto currencies. This book will give you a clear understanding what you should do to get an additional income. ”

Omar Chen,
Vice President of, and
CEO of ZBG Exchange.

“Cryptos are the stepping stone for the redesign of the financial system and our future. This book demystifies investing in cryptos!”

Richard Olsen
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

“Warren is really a giant in the area of Crypto-Asset Management, he is very knowledgeable & l urge anyone who wants to know more to read this awesome user’s manual guide to achieve success in your cryptocurrency investment. I truly enjoy reading this book, cheers!!!”

Dr Bernard Yeo, Hon PhD,
Human Capital Development and Human Profiling

“This book is definitely a must read for those who want to get started to understand this new financial instrument. Although I have been in trading for 20 years, crypto is still very foreign to me. The author has been able to use his knowledge in forex and stocks to apply to crypto. I enjoy reading it.”

Daniel Loh,
DL Investment Director

“An insightful book focusing on the picks and shovels of cryptocurrency investing. An alternative investment strategy for this crypto winter. A good strategy to dip your fingers into crypto-investing without the massive volatile risks and rewards.”
Aik Keong

Book Synopsis

The book is about common sense investing with an age-old proven concept, applied and executed in a whole new way for the upcoming financial revolution.

This book exposes the exact blueprint that the author use to identify coins that provide crypto investors both passive income and capital gains, avoiding the hype while reducing the tendency to buy into shitcoins (coins that eventually will go to zero value), and lastly help navigate the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrency markets with conventional financial wisdom.

Together we’ll explore:

1. An actionable framework which singles out the category of coins that generates both passive income and capital gains
2. The historical context of the age-old investment strategy always at work since the 1800s
3. A valuation model for buying these coins cheap and selling them when they become expensive
4. Author’s opinion on how the cryptocurrency market will evolve moving beyond 2019

This simple, concise, and non-technical guide shows you how anyone (non-finance or IT based) is able to navigate this brave new cryptocurrency space and how best to invest in these emerging assets for passive income to secure your financial future.

This, of course, is no effortless journey, and this book does not profess to be a get-rich-quick scheme of any sort. By sequentially building on the concepts of each prior chapter, the book will provide you with a full understanding of the crypto asset space and the opportunities that entail for the prospective crypto investors looking for an additional source of passive income stream.

Crypto Assets for Passive Income is your guide to that future of money. We are accepting order of the physical copy of the book here. Alternatively, you can order the ebook at Amazon Kindle.

Author of Crypto Assets for Passive Income Book, Fintech Full Stack Developer and Business Builder at and
Author of Crypto Assets for Passive Income Book, Fintech Full Stack Developer and Business Builder at and

Founder Of Flag One Pte Ltd ( and

As a author, software developer and a crypto enthusiast in the fintech industry, Warren’s work has allowed him to work on his passion in both technology and finance to help his clients’ businesses to adopt fintech solutions in the digital age. He understands the ‘human side’ of business and believe in working closely with clients whenever possible to build long term sustainable relationships.


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