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Crypto Assets for Passive Income book leverages on the concept of deriving passive income from your cryptocurrency portfolio. In addition to benefiting purely from capital gains, prospective investors should also consider generating a passive income stream from their crypto assets to let their money work even harder for them.

Crypto assets are hard assets, but most of the world hasn’t recognized them as such yet.

Roger Ver

Chief Executive Officer,

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23th Nov 2019, Singapore

Don’t Let Any of the Technicalities of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Intimidate You. Hear From What Others Have to Say About this Book.

Everyone knows how to invest in stocks, but not so many people know how to use opportunities to invest in crypto currencies. This book will give you a clear understanding what you should do to get an additional income.

Omar Chen

Vice President and CEO, and ZBG exchange

The book explores:

1. An actionable framework which singles out the category of coins that generates both passive income and capital gains

2. The historical context of the age-old investment strategy always at work since the 1800s

3. A valuation model for buying these coins cheap and selling them when they become expensive

4. Author’s opinion on how the cryptocurrency market will evolve moving beyond 2019

This book exposes the exact blueprint that the author use to identify coins that provide crypto investors both passive income and capital gains, avoiding the hype while reducing the tendency to buy into shitcoins (coins that eventually will go to zero value), and lastly help navigate the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrency markets with conventional financial wisdom.

Note: Fixed Postage at USD $6 

Get the Digital Copy on Amazon.

Cryptos are the stepping stones for the redesign of the financial system and our future. This book demystifies investing in cryptos!

Richard Olsen

Founder and Chief Executive Officer,