Crypto X Objectives

Crypto X is a well diversified portfolio of crypto exchange based tokens. The roles of an exchange helps drive blockchain technology and adoption of the crypto currency in the emerging technology space.

While the prices of cryptocurrencies can be highly volatile, crypto exchanges works on a business model that is easy for many to understand. Crypto exchanges generate profits from transactions.

Crypto exchanges allow crypto investors to gain exposure to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies with a lower risk compared to investing in blockchain companies with a very early and untested business model.

Funds are invested into blockchain companies through their issued coins / tokens. Each of these crypto exchanges are graded and analysed based on several key factors as follows

  • Business models and profitability
  • Market strategy
  • Market access
  • Token utility and value proposition
  • Business resiliency during the 2018-19 crypto recession
  • and several more factors.

By holding on to a portfolio of exchange based tokens ranked by exchange’s transactional volumes, risks can be managed via diversification.  Crypto X will screen for crypto exchanges found only in the top 100 exchange list.

Fund Component Allocation

A data centric approached is employed by the fund to buy into exchange based token at periods when it is deemed undervalued with TVEV ratio. The team keeps and aggregates data points for TVEV ratio (token value to transactional volume ratio) over time and uses these data sets to buy at value. Exchange volume dominance – a measure of exchange volume relative to the top list of crypto exchanges is a key factors affecting how much exposure to the crypto exchange.

Holding Period

The coins and tokens are hold on cold wallet whenever possible in order to capture 70% of the upcoming crypto bull market estimates to happen in the next 1-3 years.

Notes: The fund does not open leveraged positions or any derivative products in the management of Crypto X fund.

Crypto Fund Fees

  • 5% Admin Fees (for USD $100,000 and above will be 2%)
  • 3 months locked in period
  • 2% Management Fee Per Annum
  • Profit Sharing 30% / 70% Split  on the Profits Made. (For every $1 dollar worth in BTC profit made , 0.30 goes to company, 0.70 goes to crypto investor )
  • Accept Bitcoin only. (For institutional investors or business funds, can accept fiat currency)


Broad Metrics


Average Weekly Rate of Growth (%)

Avg = -1.08

3 Month High ( USDT ): 

Max = 17.07

3 Month Low ( USDT ):

Min = 2.59

Fund Wallet Address (BTC Only)




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USDT Daily Chart (Past 12 months)