DeFi-X Objectives

DeFi X fund buys into a well diversified portfolio of decentralized exchange (DEX) governance tokens. These tokens are issued by the top DeFi protocol / platforms as ranked by total value locked (TVL). A data centric approached using several key metrics such as TVL are used in allocation for each fund component in the fund.

The 2020 DeFi craze marks the start of the popularity and the rise of decentralized crypto exchanges which promises crypto users the following benefits

  • No KYC is required in the decentralized exchange services
  • Non custodian crypto wallet (Crypto always in the hand of the crypto investor)
  • Lesser the amount of crypto assets transfer for swapping or exchange
  • Participation in adding of funds to liquidity pools in return for transaction fee revenues and interests
  • Bootstrapped liquidity for self-issued tokens without the need to pay for huge sum of listing fee on a centralized exchange

DeFi X uses diversification to manage individual component risks in a high risk crypto landscape. DeFi governance tokens such as YFI token has gained great traction in the mids of 2020, and DeFi protocol tokens must be incorporated in a crypto enthusiast portfolio.

By participating in DeFi X fund, the fund provides diversification values and exposures to the world’s top DeFi platforms for individual investors.

Note: No leveraged or derivative products are in used in the management of DeFi X fund.

Crypto Fund Fees

  • 5% Admin Fees (for USD $100,000 and above will be 2%)
  • 3 months locked in period
  • 2% Management Fee Per Annum
  • Profit Sharing 30% / 70% Split  on the Profits Made. (For every $1 dollar worth in BTC profit made , 0.30 goes to company, 0.70 goes to crypto investor )
  • Accept Bitcoin or Ethereum only. (For institutional investors or business funds, can accept fiat currency)


Broad Metrics


Average Weekly Rate of Growth (%)

Avg = 10.17

3 Month High ( USDT ): 

Max = 1.36

3 Month Low ( USDT ):

Min = 0.17

Fund Wallet Address (Eth Only)




Fund Wallet Address (Btc Only)




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USDT Daily Chart (Past 12 months)