GainCrypto Objectives

This crypto fund buys into newly launched tokens found in the top gainers list for the year. Metrics of % from all-time-high, return on investment from till date are taken into consideration. This is a higher level of risk activity and as a result, these coins are purchased with a very strict money management strategy. 

1 new coin will be brought into the coin portfolio each month. Each new coin is purchased with a fixed sum of cryptocurrency and held till it has generated at least a 5X return before the principal money purchased back for the next new coin purchase.

The concept is if 1 out of 10 coins can 10-20x in the next 6 months, this crypto fund will serve its objective and generate a healthy return for the high risk activity.  



Crypto Fees

  • 5% Admin Fees (for USD $100,000 and above will be 2%)
  • 3 months locked in period
  • 2% Management Fee Per Annum
  • Profit Sharing 30% / 70% Split  on the Profits Made. (For every $1 dollar worth in BTC profit made , 0.30 goes to company, 0.70 goes to crypto investor )
  • Accept Bitcoin or Ethereum only. (For institutional investors or business funds, can accept fiat currency)


Broad Metrics


Average Weekly Rate of Growth (%)

Avg = 8.29

3 Month High ( USDT ): 

Max = 2.48

3 Month Low ( USDT ): 

Min = 0.97

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Fund Wallet Address (Btc Only)




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USDT Daily Chart (Past 12 months)