DeFi Staking Smart Contract


DeFi Staking

The customized smart contract will account for all crypto receive and channel the funds based on the business logic provided. The yields will then be distributed back to the contributors based on their crypto deposited into the pool.

Core Development

We will kick-start your deFi development journey by drafting out a smart contract strategy that suits your business logic in a scaleable way. The smart contract can receive any native token like eth or bnb. In addition, any erc20 tokens can also be used to collect as deposit. The staking yield will be accounted for the amount and total time deposited into the smart contract. When the yield is ready, the defi user will redeem their share of yield from the pool. They can stake and unstake at any point during the yield process. Unstaking will take a period of 7 days before their deposited crypto can be fully withdrawn.

BNB Charger Smart Contract

The smart contract will accept BNB from user deposits. The deposited funds will be channeled into to participate in their crypto exchange activities. The yields will then be fairly distributed back to the crypto depositors. The yields generated are altcoins other than BNB. The same amount of BNB will then be used repeatedly in subsequent exchange activities to farm for more tokens. The smart contract charge two type of fees. One fee is a admin fee that is charged of the user deposited BNB. The other fee is a profit sharing fee which is charged based off the amount of token yield farmed.




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October 19, 2022


So What is Next?

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