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kryptoTree NFT

Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) are on the rise. The kryptoTree NFT collection consists of 10,000 different variation of trees bearing fruits. Each of the tree's artwork file and their randomly generated attributes are stored in decentralized storage. You will be able to see the NFT owner by calling the ERC-721 smart contract.

Core Development

A nodeJS generative art code repo is coded to define the number of attributes the artwork should have. The number of variant for each attribute will then be provided into the code repo. The code repo is executed to generate 10,000 different variants of the kryptoTrees. The 10,000 artworks are named and properly stored into decentralized storage like IPFS. An ERC721 smart contract is customized to collect a minting fee and to ensure the artwork files, attribute file in json and the all necessary information relating to individual artwork are issued with an NFT id for minting later.

Putting a Minting dApp Together

When the digital artwork files are ready and ERC721 openzeppelin contract are deployed, a frontend website powered by ReactJS is developed and designed. User will be able to interact with the smart contract via Metamask browser extension to mint the NFT. Each user is allowed to mint up to a maximum of 10 kryptoTrees per wallet address controlled by the deployed smart contract.


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NFT, Generative Art


October 28, 2021


So What is Next?

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